Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Mayan Discovery: World isnt going to end?

If you have not heard, a recent Mayan discovery has archaeologist saying the world will not end on December 21, 2012 or during 2012 at all. an article posted by The Daily Best says "In XultĂșn, a Mayan dynastic hub, Saturno and his colleagues dug up a small chamber around 6 by 6 feet with 10-foot ceilings in a large complex. There they found paintings of figures on the walls as well as a large number of delicately painted hieroglyphs and numbers—astronomical tables unlike any such notations seen before.
The notations “got our attention very early on,” says David Stuart, a co-author of the study who specializes in Mesoamerican art and writing at the University of Texas in Austin. The Science authors believe the excavated room is a work space where a Mayan nerd—a calendar-keeper, astronomer, and scribe—puzzled away, covering two walls with calculations much like today’s scientists do on a whiteboard. The paintings and text date back to the year 800—a remarkable five centuries earlier than the oldest known Mayan hieroglyphic books, the Mayan Codices of the 15th century.
Mayan Calendar
Most intriguingly for modern-day doomsday prophets, the scribblings include four long numbers that represent multiples of set units of time using the Mayan calendar. In one column, time stretches reach 7,000 years into the future. Bingo! The apocalypse myth, says Stuart, is that the Mayan calendar shows the world ending after 13 periods, or 5,000 years, also called baktun. We are supposedly coming up on the end of the last one.
This new find, however, is further proof that that belief is mistaken, says Stuart. The mural shows 17 baktuns, showing “there was a lot more to the Mayan calendar than just 13 baktuns.”
The Mayan calendar reaches far beyond the year 2012, the scientists assure us."

This is great news to many of us out there but also upsetting to some who do not believe this to be true. Let us know what you think!

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