Egyptians Prediction

Many researchers from around the world have been trying to figure out if the December 2012 doomsday prediction is in sync with predictions made by the Egyptians about a similar event that will take place in 2012. The Egyptians predictions state that a world wide catastrophe is bound to take place in 2012. In addition to this, the ancient Egyptians have stated in some of their books that such an event has already occurred previously some centuries ago. The Egyptians had predicted such an event to occur in 9792 BC. However, proof of what exactly occurred in that year is not clear.
There are two essential books that play a key role in finding out more about the Egyptian doomsday predictions. These books are known as the Book of the Dead and the Kolbrin Bible. The Egyptians have been known to be experts in astronomy since centuries. Many Egyptians philosophers and astronomers have been involved in studying the stars and the other components of the sky to determine and predict events of the future. In the year 9792 BC, some peculiar occurrence created panic among the astronomers. This event was the retrograde movement of Venus through the constellation of Orion. This event is said to happen only two times, the first being in 9792 BC and the second predicted to be in 2012 AD. The position of the earth’s pole precession is the same on both these dates.
The constellation Orion is of great significance to anyone who is involved in Egyptian astronomy. The Orion constellation represents the God Osiris in the sky. Osiris is known as the god of the afterlife and the dead. Owing to Venus moving in retrograde of the Orion constellation in 9792 BC, the sun rose to a new horizon which made way for two sunsets and two sunrises. Such an event can only take place if there is a shift in the poles of the earth. If this event actually had taken place then the living beings on earth would have suffered some consequences because of the shift of the poles of the earth.
The Egyptian predictions for 2012 AD are similar to those that were predicted for 9792 BC. Chapter 17 of the Book of the Dead gives detailed information about the events that took place in 9792 BC. Apart from the change in the earth’s poles, another theory for the event that took place is that the earth changed its direction of rotation around the sun which caused Venus t retrograde through Orion too. Many modern scholars and astronomers have been looking into the old books and trying to predict if the event scheduled to happen again on December 21 or 22, 2012 will actually take place. Some scholars who have done extensive research on the matter have some to conclude that the positions of Orion and Aldebaran on December 21, 2012 match the exact position that they had taken back in 9792 BC.
In case the event that happened in 9792 BC will actually happen again in December 2012, mankind should take measures to ensure that safety is provided as much as possible to the living being on earth. Researchers are trying to figure out ways that can help keep the human race going in case such a catastrophe does cease to exist in 2012.


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