Nostradamus Predictions

       Nostradamus was born in France in 1503, he was a pharmacist, a healer till around 1550 he became interested in  occult sciences and started writing almanacs. He became famous for these and many people came to him for horoscopes and psychic advice. He began summarizing his prophecies and writing them in quatrains which is a four lines poetic para in French. He compiled around a thousand of these undated quatrains into a book called “The Prophecies” which is very famous even today. Many have found most of these predictions have been accurate and his prophecies are highly regarded by astrologers and in many occult circles.

      Nostradamus's 2012 prophecies are gaining alot of attention from people all over the globe due to the current year is 2012 and many of his predictions seem to match other predictions found in the bible, the Mayans, and Gnostic texts. His predictions for 2012 draw a dark, global destruction caused by a comet. It is not clear whether this comet will strike the earth or will pass very close to our planet, causing massive earthquakes and other cataclysmic occurrences.But all interpreters are united on the opinion of a comet which will come somewhere in December 2012.

        Nostradamus writes – “In the sky will be seen a great fire dragging a trail of sparks”. This to some clearly suggest a comet and many believe that it will be very big in size, which in deed it needs to be to bring the world to an end as we know it. Nostradamus also suggest that because of the massive destruction, there will be widespread anarchy and certain nations will take advantage and drive the world into a third world war. Nostradamus writes – “King of terror shall come from the sky. He will bring to life the King of Mongols.”some have interpreted that after the coming of the comet China will gain prominence and may begin attacking countries to gain supremacy. His predictions also gives an indication of the fate of certain nations, and how long the comet will be seen in the skies. He writes – “The Great Star will blaze for Seven days” meaning the comet will be very near the earth for seven days and nights. Further he says – “The Huge dog will howl at night, when the great pontiff will change lands”. The great dog is interpreted  to be the United Kingdom by many, and the writing suggests its destruction. "The pontiff is taken to be the pope and hence Rome too will be destroyed."

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