Easter Island Statues

Mysteries and secret are a part and parcel of mankind since time immemorial. Intriguing puzzles related to the existence of extraterrestrials have been under constant speculation, shaping up a wide array of hypothesis and theories. For the skeptics, all these just amount to fake publicity, with the intention of garnering human attention to hoaxes. But from the point of view of an avid believer, earthlings are not the only ones in the universe. They are ready to cling on to the faintest sings and smallest indications. No wonder, for many years, these debates have provided ample tabloid material, and will continue to do so for the years to come.
One such piece of evidence associated with extraterritorial existence is the statues in Easter Island. Now almost isolated, the Easter Islands are one of the abstruse locations in the face of Earth. IN fact, the nearest island is approximately fourteen hundred miles away. Discovered by the Dutch in the early 1720s, this remote Chilean Polynesian island is the home to Moai, or large monolithic statues or figurines, depicting the human bust and face. The statues are believed to have been carved out by Polynesian colonizers during the period of 1250 CE to 1500 CE.
In total, there are almost 887 statues that have been identified in the island. Most of them are still intact, although some of them have been adversely affected due to harsh weather conditions and conflicts during European clans. Although many of these dot the coastline, and are easily visible from a distance, majority of these are still situated at Rano Raraku, which is the main moai quarry. In fact, it is from this place that hundreds of statues were transported to the coastline, and set on firm stone platforms. Rano Raraku houses some of the unfinished statues as well. The common characteristic amongst all the statues is the presence of an overly large head, which is almost 3/5th the size of the body.
moai statuesThe production and transportation of the Easter Island statues are considered to be an architectural landmark of unprecedented physical and creative feat. It’s still an enigma, as to why these statues were carved in such a huge number, or how they were transported over such a long distance, or what role did it play in their complex civilization – all these questions have baffled archeologists, explorers and anthropologists. But the biggest query of them all involves something graver, something grim – are the Easter Island statues related to the end of the world?
Several facts point to the unthinkable: Whether aliens were involved with the creation of these statues. According to researchers, the maximum population of islanders in Easter Island at any point of time was about 11,000. So, it meant that each and every individual lent their support towards carving, completion, transportation and erection of the statues. Moreover, there is no specific explanation as to why many of the statues remained unfinished, and several statues were abandoned midway. It all adds to the ambiguity and mystery, making it hard to unravel.
Researchers have also discovered a well defined system of writing prevalent amongst the inhabitants of the Easter Island. The writing scheme, based on hieroglyphic symbols, has not yet been deciphered, owing to its difference from any other language in the world. Besides, no other islanders in the Pacific region have writing schemes. Thus, this gives rise to another important question, perhaps one of the most important pieces in this staggering puzzle – Who taught the Easter Island inhabitants to write? On comparison, writing systems found in the pyramids of ancient Egypt and Machu Picchu and the Indus Valley Civilization bear striking similarities, and have also not been deciphered yet. And they all contain certain common symbols and signs.
If there was extraterrestrial involvement in creation of the Easter Island statues, then it fits well into the missing piece of the puzzle. Modern research has proved the connection between the Easter Island, Nazca Lines in Peru, Egyptian and Inca pyramids and the ruins in Mohenjo-Daro, beside other significant geographical and historical locations. All these form a circle round the globe, with the radius of that of the Earth’s equator. This cannot merely be a chance, especially because the huge separation of distance amongst these civilizations, as well as lack of technological knowledge and prowess.
So, if the alien theory is to be believed, one can now ponder over the significance and implications of these statues. Most are of the belief that they were carved due to the islander’s love for God. All the inhabitants have been considered to be religious in nature. Although it’s an important hypothesis, it fails to explain several other aspects of the discovery. For instance, while almost all the statues face inland, only seven statues have been erected in a direction facing the sea. As researchers suggest, this has been done to the foreseen arrival of the equinox.
Another essential theory justifies a deeper meaning, something related to the end of the world. Scholars and historians are trying day and night to find a connection between the statues and nearby historical locations, which are being used for reference. Nothing has been discretely proven, as far as the end of the world, or apocalypse is concerned. Unless the writing system is decoded, it will be hard to craft a concrete conclusion. But believers claim the statues hide the unsolved mystery associated with the annihilation of mankind, just like the Mayan calendar system.
Easter Island has now become one of the chief tourist destinations in the world. But in the time to come, Easter Island will continue to remain a hotspot for several more theories and hypothesis, related to the origin and thriving of civilizations in the world. The debate is not going to cool down, as crackpots, as well as scientists will try and make claims, cooking up a mixture of fact and fiction. But at the end of the day, the truth will prevail, which will lead to the dawn of a new era in enlightening humankind from the shackles of illusions, mystery and enigma.

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