Planet Nibiru/Planet X

    Also known as the 12th planet or planet x, some believe it is nearing earth quickly and could cause global devastation.
    In 1976, the late Zecharia Sitchin stirred up a great deal of controversy with the publication of his book, The Twelfth Planet. In this and books to follow, Sitchin presented his translations of ancient Sumerian texts which told an incredible story about the origins of humankind on planet Earth - a story far different and more fantastic than what we have grew  up learning.
    The ancient texts - some of the earliest known writing, dating back some 6,000 years - told the story of a race of beings called the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki came to Earth from a planet in our solar system called Nibiru, according to the Sumerians via Sitchin. If you have never heard of it, that is because today's science does not recognize Nibiru as one of the planets that revolves around our Sun. Yet it's there, claims Sitchin, and its presence holds great importance not only for humankind's past, but our future too.   
    Nibiru's orbit around the Sun is highly elliptical, according to Sitchin's books, taking it beyond the orbit of Pluto at its farthest point and bringing it close to the Sun as the far side of the asteroid belt (a ring of asteroids known to occupy a band of space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter). It takes Nibiru 3,600 years to complete one orbital journey, and it was last in this vicinity around 160 B.C.E. As you imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system, as it is claimed for Nibiru, could wreak havoc on the orbits of other planets, disrupt the asteroid belt and spell big trouble for planet Earth.
Well, prepare for yet another possible apocalypse because, they say, Nibiru is once again heading this way - and will be here soon.

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The Annunaki

     The Annunaki also is very important when talking about the 12th planet, The story originates from the Sumerians. In 1850, 250 miles away from Baghdad Iraq Austen Henry, a famous excavator found some ancient clay tablets. Stitchin deciphered the tablets and his translation revealed that Annunaki was a god, decending from an heavenly body to live amongst humans. The Sumerian text enoch describes gods as "watchers" as does the Egyptian text. The tablet revealed that the Annunaki came from a distant planet “Nibiru”, which has been recently located by astronomers, beyond Pluto, and has been named as Planet X.
     The amazing part of what these tablets told was how homo sapiens were created. Annunaki and his associates created homo sapiens after making contact with Earth to mine for minerals some 450,000 years ago. Annunaki genes and native human genes were  combined to create homo sapiens  "slaves" for mining.
      Sumerian tablets also describes that from the beginning of creation, this new race was capable of both understanding and communicating with a complex language and they had massively improved brain size in comparison to their close ancestors. According to many biologists, sudden increase in brain size with a huge magnitude is utterly impossible and should take at least millions of years. The emergence of homo sapiens as we see us today, occurred 35,000 years ago with another dramatic change and till date we haven’t seen any other major brain update or change among us. Have you noticed any updates? Yes, I have noticed something very special, not in our brain but in the field of science and technology, especially in electronics and genetic engineering fields. If you take a closer look at the events of the history of the last 40 thousand years, you will see that how dramatically our life style has changed within the last 50 years- we all are dependent on digital technogies. Does this indicate that some major improvement in our brain has taken place in recent times? Why there is a sudden improvement in technology in 19th century? Maybe we need to wait another 100 years more to learn and study what actually happened in between1900-2000 AD. Whatever it is, let’s go back to Annunaki history, behind the new race-homo sapiens-creation, only two associates of Annunaki contributed the most- scientist Enki and Ninkharsag, who is also called Ninti. Ninti was an expert of medicine and at the later stage of creation process she was called Mammi, probably the word mama or mother derived from Mammi

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