Friday, March 16, 2012

Dont Forgot About The Petition

Please Sign The Petition! 


  1. hello sir,
    Ive been trying to keep up with all this, Im not rich and i dont have much schooling..Ive been a single parent of two daughters most of there lives.. I have 3 grandsons of which i Love with all that iam. sir, why didnt anyone tell us about this earlier.. how can someone like me save my family? I cant bare to see my loved ones in pain and suffering and im jus helpless. its so not fair that were still being treated like the titanic days. The poor wasnt worthy to live. Only God can be the judge of that. Please sir, please help me save my family.
    Scared and worried,
    Michelle I DEguchi

  2. Thanks for commenting! I would have to say do not take anything on this blog or anywhere else as absolutely being true. There is no scientific evidence proofing a doomsday will happen. A recent discovery in mexico by scientist found evidence of mayans predicting thousands of more years on earth than 2012. Currently it is all opinion based in my believe and i find it very interesting, the technology of past cultures and how advanced they were. so please do not do anything crazy, i too have children so i udnerstand how you feel.


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