Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Evidence Points The Mayans "Correct"

        A second, standalone reference to the year 2012 has been discovered. Although this 2012 brick, or, “Comalcalco Brick” as it’s called was discovered several years ago, it has been kept a closely-guarded secret by Mexican authorities and archeologists–this brick is separate entirely from the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and the implications of this archeological record are astounding. Why was it kept a secret until now? Surely archeologists know of the multitude of concerned people who know enough of the truth and the ever-increasing difficulty in hiding the facts that are coming to light before the year 2012, so if they wanted to spread disinformation surely they would have benefited by releasing it earlier than waiting all the way until now.
        This 2012 brick is a wholly separate record by the ancient Mayans, mentioning the year 2012 concretely, and specifically, and was carved in stone solely for this reason. This is the single most important discovery regarding the ancient Mayan 2012 prophecies, and this brick which warns of the catastrophes to befall Earth in 2012 was made years after the Long Count Calendar, as a reinforcement to what they believed.
       The date inscribed on the brick coincide with the end of the 13th Baktun, which falls exactly on December 21, 2012. Archeologists and Mexican authorities are downplaying this finding, but they do admit that it is indeed a direct reference to the sacred date. They are not denying this fact; they can’t!
Most interestingly, the third glyph (line) on the 2012 brick reads as ‘huli’, meaning “he/she/it arrives”. That much is clear, though a crack in the Tortuguero stone partially obscures this glyph, which archeologists interpret as: “He will descend from the sky.” Is this a reference to Nibiru, or Planet X? Or possibly a coincidence with Biblical prophecy? These two findings, along with the ancient Mayan calendar make for some very profound events to unfold soon, are we to take seriously the things we find. We’d be very foolish not to.

Article and Information From: What Will Happen In 2012 Now

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