Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Largest Solar Storm In 7 Years, Is In Path to Hit Earth

Just after 11:00pm eastern U.S time last night, a NASA observatory picked up a massive flash of ultraviolet energy from a massive flare erupting from the sun. The particles from the flare are screaming towards earth at 1,400 miles per second says NASA from the data collected. It will not hit earth directly but glance the northern part of earth's magnetic envelope. Although this is not the solar flare that will wipe out our power grid and send us back into the dark ages, There will be a great auroras for the lower altitudes. 
 A Massive Solar Eruption, the Strongest in 7 years


  1. amazing but scary. I just love a chance to see the auroras though!

    1. i sure hope i can see them from where i am at

  2. Replies
    1. ya up north, they had some good views of the auroras


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