Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Bunker underneath Denver International Airport?

That is correct, many people belive there is a bunker underneath the very busy Denver International Airport and they could be right about this. Next time you are traveling and find yourself at Denver International Airport, have a tour of this place and you too will see some of the most strangest things to be seen in an airport. First of these is the dedication stone, on this stone is a free mason symbol and a list of some organizations including a organization that is unknown, unheard of and does not exist to our knowledge The New World Airport Commission. Strange enough that is just the least of strange things going on here, the airport was built in the 90's and was built in the great plains of Colorado. The airport is roughly 2 square miles and the property it lays on is twice or triple the size of that. The airport also has more fuel supply than any airport in the world, also during construction this structure went over budget billions of dollars. Inside the airport are vivid and colorful murals, these murals are very odd to see in a airport giving that one of them shows mothers lined up weeping as they carry their dead babies and another shows a Jewish girl, a American native Indian girl and a African American girl all in caskets as the city and forest in the background is on fire! Why the hell that is in an airport has confused many, maybe a sign or clue.

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  1. I have also done a lot of research about this airport and it is absolutely not just an airport. It has massive tunnels, construction works who worked on the project refuse to talk about it and there was nothing wrong with the original airport, actually this new airport has less terminals and has more canceled flights due to the high winds of its location.


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