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Chronology of Events leading to December 21 2012

The list of events that are taking or have taken place in our history that prove 2012 will be of grave importance. Please be aware that some events on this list are not "recorded" in our modern history (ie past 2000 years).
1. The Sumerians occupied ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq). They were the 1st civilization to document their lives, their beliefs and facts about their civilization. From them, the Hebrews, Hopi Indians, Greeks, Romans and other civilizations have also recorded historical information that we have today as proof that they indeed lived and survived Nibiru's last visits.
2. Nostradamus, who lived in the 15th century Europe, had prophetic “visions” that he left for all to read about and heed in the years extending after his death. Many of those predictions have already come true, some still need to occur.
3. Edgar Cayce, a 20th century prophet and seer through dreams in a trance induced state, left many predictions of the fate of the world in the years after his death. Casey made predictions that have so far, been on target and many still to yet be fulfilled.
4. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas all used the same calendar that ends in our Gregorian calendar year of December 21st, 2012. The fate of these civilizations is a mystery. Their peoples suffered greatly during the years when the Spanish were out conquering the world. It is believed that many of these indigenous peoples of South America scattered around the Americas and are today still around many generations later. Their empires and all that remains of them still has many unanswered questions regarding their building techniques and astronomy. Their calendars were turned inside out by the Roman Catholic Church and the Gregorian Calendar made to replace them.
5. The last time that Nibiru visited our solar system was in the year or years around 1588 BC.
6. The Earth’s magnetic poles are currently shifting. The North Pole is moving toward Siberia. As these poles shift, the weather systems of the earth also change. There has been unusual weather around the world in the last 20 or so years. The closer Nibiru and its Brown Dwarf / Dark Star gets closer to our solar system, the more their magnetic flux affects the orbits, axis and trajectories of the planets in our system.
7. The oceans of the earth depend upon the magnetic flux of the earth for their movements. The great currents that move water around under the ocean are beginning to stop, meaning that the ocean water will soon become heated and stagnant, possibly unable to support life.
8. The Polar ice caps are melting, not due to “global warming” as claimed by global warming activists, but due to the earth’s magnetic poles shifting. As this shift occurs, we are seeing large sections of ice sheets break off at both poles. The earth will change its tilt and its axis will realign once the pole shift completes. Desert regions may now become plush gardens and vice versa.
9. Volcanic eruptions are happening all over the planet. In America, the biggest volcano we have is the Yellowstone Caldera. The bottom of Yellowstone Lake has risen over 100 feet in the last 50 years. The earth’s crust is not very stable in this area. If the Yellowstone Caldera were to blow its top off, we are told that a shock wave caused by the blast would move about 400 mph and an area of about 1600 circular miles would be devastated by the blast. It does not take into account all the ash blown into the atmosphere and the nuclear winter that would take place afterwards. Also, dormant volcanoes all over the world are waking up. The earth’s nuclear engine is swinging into full gear as the earth’s magnetic poles are changing, forcing magma output to greatly increase with the increased pressures within the earth’s magma fields.
10. Earthquakes are on the rise. The plates that the earth rides on are beginning to move do to an increase in magma activity under the earth’s crust and due to the earth’s magnetic poles shifting. Areas that see a lot of earthquake activity in years past will have greater activity as Nibiru enters our solar system.
11. Sun spot activity is at a stand still at this time. Soon, sun spots will start to appear in great numbers and sunspot solar activity will increase the closer Nibiru and its Brown Dwarf / Dark Star get closer, also causing weather anomalies to occur everywhere.
12. The Vatican has built two earth based telescopes (Vulcan and Vatt) and is currently about launch their own space based telescope so they can view Nibiru as it approaches. SETI, NASA and several other space organizations around the world have been monitoring Nibiru’s travel via telescopes in Antarctica. You can view pictures taken by an amateur photographer from the southern region of the planet that shows Nibiru in the early evening sky with our Sun on YouTube if you search and view the video called (Nibiru 2). We are told that we will be able to see Nibiru beginning in 2009 with the naked eye as it enters and passes through our solar system through 2014 and that its size could be compared to the moon when viewed.
13. Bible Scripture describes a war in the latter days in the middle east. One that we are involved in. Something will happen that will cause the flesh to melt off the bones and the eyes out of the sockets. This could be a nuclear bomb, a neutron bomb or an impact from an asteroid that could cause this. The Tigress and Euphrates rivers will dry up allowing the armies of GOG and MAGOG (Russia and China) to march across them toward Israel. It is possible that Iran and North Korea would be involved in this.
14. The Catholic church is only supposed to have 1 more POPE before 2012. That POPE will admit that they have been misleading the church for hundreds of years causing a renewal to occur in the Catholic Faith.
15. Movies and TV Shows in recent years have had us preparing for the coming events of 2012. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, V, Stargate, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Battlefield Earth, just to mention a few, have been influencing our thoughts. It goes without saying that UFO’s and UFO activity have been increasing in the last 100 years. Stories about Reptilian aliens, Grey Aliens, Human like Norsemen Aliens have dominated parts of our culture. Time Travel, Wormholes, Space Travel have also plagued our imaginations. These things are now or will be soon possible. The Annunuki may possibly soon arrive from Nibiru as it passes through our solar system.
16. The US Government has been busy preparing for 2012 problems. They intend on only saving a few lives, particularly those they deem viable, which does not include me or you. It is this behavior that has brought down the houses of old since the Sumerian times.
17. There have been "dreamers", “visionaries” or “seers” in the past 30 years that have been given a glimpse of what the United States will look like after the magnetic pole shift. Look on the internet for “Future Maps” to view these. Those they all vary in one way or another, they are in general the same about the area’s that are going to be affected by the pole shift. You can see areas of “survivability”.
18. The Bible, in the Book of Revelation, tells of how the end of our time ends and the next begins. Money, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver … all will be worthless. Those who seek shelter in the caves or underground when the pole shift occurs may find themselves entombed there. Mountains will turn into valleys and valleys into mountains. There will be bitter cold, starvation, little or no shelter available. Those who survive will never die. Yahweh (Heavenly Father and His Son Yahshua the Messiah) will be the focus of the new world that will be born from this catastrophe.
19. NASA has named Nibiru (Sedna or Eris) and have left out most details about how it is entering our solar system, where it is entering and that it is part of another Brown Dwarf / Dark Star that is nearing our solar system on the galactic alignment that will occur in December 2012.
20. The nations of the Earth will start seeing negative economic activity as news of Nibiru's coming flows in private quarters of the upper crust of societies. There will be economic collapse in world markets. Someone who Scripture calls the "Imposter", referring to the Anti-Christ, will rise with "the answer" to the worlds problems. The only requirement is swearing allegiance to him and bearing his mark. No one, not one nation or people, will be able to buy or sell as a result of this Imposter. He will MURDER those who refuse to take his mark. Calamity will befall him in his last days of reign.
21. It is believed that the coastal areas of the United States will take most of the harsh effects of Nibiru's passing. As Earthquakes increase, there will be parts of the US land mass that succumb to the forces and pressures of the geological changes, lessening our available land mass and giving us new coastal areas. A new river or water way will be carved through the middle of the Eastern United States, separating the middle of the country from the eastern side of it. Tsunami's will destroy the coastlines for at least 100 miles into the countryside. With the melting of the polar ice caps, the oceans will rise substantially around the world.
22. The "weather" around the world is now full of what we might call "un-natural" occurrences. Tornadoes in the United States since Christmas and the rise in Earthquakes and Volcanic activity are precursors of what is about to come upon us all.
23. The US Government just instituted the REAL ID program designed to move America forward to CHIPPING everyone with RFID Chips when they finally realize that their CARD systems won't work anymore.
24. The lies by NASA are being exposed. All the things that they have been covering up for over 50+ years are now coming out in the open. Keep your eyes on news that won't be in the mainstream media regarding NASA. You're going to get an eye full.
25. Severe and strange weather occurrences in the United States and around the world signal that something is changing our weather patterns.
26. In January and February 2008, someone working at the SPT (South Pole Telescope) site in the Antarctica, stole telescope photographs of Nibiru as it began passing through our solar system. The photos were given to someone in Switzerland who then posted them in videos on YouTube. This has worried government handlers because now the "cat is out of the bag" on US Intelligence information.
27. A story in the press appeared regarding several dolphins that were found dead on a south Texas shoreline.
28. Several 4.0+ earthquakes are happening simultaneously around the world indicating that planet tectonics are being seriously affected by the Perturber in our solar system.
990. The governments "DISINFORMATION MACHINE" has kicked into high gear now that 2012 information is beginning to flow out. They are going to try to discredit any and all information so that folks don't start preparing for the changes to come.
991. John . made his 1st public airwaves visit to Sirius on 12/21/2007. There were several callers into the program and last one was a "DISINFORMATION VENDOR" for the Federal Government.
992. A new video was posted on YouTube and Stage6 regarding the possibility that WE ARE NOT ALONE and that GOD & CHRIST may be Ancient Aliens instead of what the Catholic Church has postulated them to be. There is much Scientific, Historical, Biblical and Astrological data to support this view.

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